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A ceremony that was considered as a right to passage for union two families has taken on an entirely new meaning in this age. Today, two individuals go through a journey forming a unique bond and an experience of their own to find out if they are right for each other, and when it comes to celebrating this lifelong commitment, it indeed becomes an expression of its kind.

This being the case, wedding planning today is limitless. A plethora of ideas are available, and one can plan any wedding that one dream of.  For years now, a bride-to-be has wedding ideas pinned on her Pinterest boards, the mother who notes down all ideas from other wedding experiences, a groom dreams of having a smashing hit party with his guy friends or relatives expecting impeccable hospitality and food.

It’s that celebration of a lifetime that has to meet expectation levels of not only the immediate friends & family but various other guests. But is the fairytale wedding that bubbles in so many heads, is it for real? Often we see the bride’s makeup crew not turning up in time, a guest waiting at the airport to be picked up, clueless family members amidst the wedding hustle bustle, last moment goof ups & many other jitters that are endless… The dream wedding rather into a task wedding. And if you would like to skip this nightmare, we are here to your rescue. And we take on all the tasks; align those tiny chits of your wishes & suggestions in a professional manner, finally calming those nerves down.



A corporation as an entity is nothing if not its hardworking employees, vendors & clients. And to keep these pillars motivated, excited and relaxed, any corporate needs to come up with their own styles of engagement, communication and team building mediums that not only reinforce the vision but also get the motivation pulse going.

While those on the top of hierarchy are busy pulling various strings, this is the one string which can be handed over to us as we professionally manage events, be it a routine team building exercise, an award ceremony to motivate your team or hosting a show to entertain your clients, we’ve got umpteen ideas up on our sleeves. Just tell us what you seek and we’ll bring that corporate event to lead to the desire result!



Festival! The very word suggests fun and excitement, large crowds of happy people, and total enjoyment for all. This certainly should be the front-of-house end result, but we all know that this requires a huge amount of meticulous behind-the-scenes planning and careful on-the-day festival event management to meet the end result expectation of both those who are initiating and that of those who are attending. Being constant event partners for famed brands like Radio Mirchi and S&P Global, PB Events offers years of successful experience handling such events.

Services we provide: Event Services
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